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DragonCon Kilt Inspection Team Informal Happy Hours: Thursday AND Friday

DragonCon Kilt Inspection Team Informal Happy Hours!

TWO Happy Hours this year for your Kilt Inspecting Pleasure:

Thursday 8/28/08, 10 pm, Hyatt Bar
AND Friday 8/29/08, 6 pm, Hyatt Bar

Folks, the Kilt Inspection Team will be holding its more-or-less annual Informal Happy Hour in the Hyatt Bar starting at 6 pm, the Friday night of Con (8/29/08). Also, if you get in on Thursday night (8/28/08), stop by the Hyatt Bar for a Late Night Happy Hour at 10 pm.

Come hang out (both literally and figuratively). Wear your kilts, or just appreciate those who wear them!

As usual, we'll have stickers available to attach to your Con badge.

See you there!
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