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Attention all Kilt Inspectors!

The DragonCon Kilt Inspection Team will once again be operating throughout the con in 2006. This year, we're planning on t-shirts from CafePress. We have one PG-13 rated design and one that's a little bit...racier, shall we say.

Get your red-hot t-shirts (and other schwag) at:

We'll also have buttons available at the Con.

In the meantime, get your blue ribbons ready!

(Crossposted to dragoncon, dragon_con and dragoncon_kit That latter community is the Team's cyber hangout. Please come and join us if you're interested!)
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so how do I go about signing up to be a training aid? I can even be used as a diorama
Visual aids are always welcome. ;) I'll announce when our Team happy hour is, and you and the Pack are most welcome.
The pack will also help make new inspectors less giggly about their job, I'm in.

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Hey, the buttons rocked! I even gave one to Diana Gabaldon (author of the Outlander series, which features lots of kilts...)

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Yes, we'd *love* some buttons, same design as last years would be great. :D

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Cool! Email me at theydnic at gmail dot com and let me know the details, cost, etc. I ran out of buttons last year, so I'll prolly want to get more...:D