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Kilt Inspection Team Happy Hour - Final Boarding Call (x-posted)

DragonCon Kilt Inspection Team 2006 Happy Hour Friday night, 6 pm, Hyatt Lobby Bar.

Be there or...wear pants!

Bring your blue ribbons, your kilts, and your significant others (or find someone interesting there). Hang out with other kilted folk and compare notes; enjoy the scenery; celebrate the freedom of kilts; show off your newly-purchased Utilikilt, or whatever strikes your fancy. **

Thanks to the fine artistic talents of featherynscale, as well as the mad admin skillz of me, ydnic, your K.I.T. cruise director, we will have not only stickers for your Con badge featuring our 2006 logo, but also a limited amount of plastic pin-back (name-tag style) badges, which feature the logo as well as the tag line "It's OK, I'm a Professional."

(We were going to have buttons, and proceeds were going to go to breast cancer research. I will still be donating to this worthy cause by sponsoring a co-worker in the Avon Breast Cancer 3-Day. Additional donations are welcome.)

...and remember, "Lad, I don't know where you've been, but I think you've won first prize!"

(Additional props go to stormkitten who offered printing services!)

**The Team is not responsible for any results from indiscriminate hook-ups that might happen as a result of the aforementioned Happy Hour. Void where prohibited by law. Alba Gu Bragh! If you're still reading this you should be packing for Con!
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